Any discussion of medical management options is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute a recommendation.  While genetic testing and medical society guidelines provide important and useful information, all medical management decisions should be made based on consultation between each patient and his or her healthcare professional.

Who should get tested for the KRAS-variant?

Please see our testing guidelines here.

How can I order a test? 

You can initiate an order by going to the “testing” link on the home page, and choosing Physicians Office or Individual.

Will insurance cover the cost of testing for the KRAS-variant?
We currently do not accept insurance.  We have chosen to set the price point of testing at a level that should be affordable to most.  In the case where this price point is not affordable, we have financial support through MiraKind, our sister non-profit.

Can FSA dollars be used to get the test?

Yes, the test is a qualifying medical expense.

How accurate are the results?

Results of KRAS-variant testing are >99.9% accurate.

Does this test need to be taken more than once?
No.  The KRAS-variant is a germ-line mutation and thus results will not change.

As a physician or health care provider, how should I follow a patient if they test positive for this marker?                            Please see our “understanding results” page here.

If a patient is positive for the KRAS-variant, is there a resource for support and information?
MiraKind, our sister non-profit, conducts ongoing patient centric studies to determine the best prevention strategies for individuals with the KRAS-variant, and other similar genetic mutations, and has a patient community for those with the KRAS-variant.  Please visit and direct your patient to their website, at MiraKind.org.