Getting tested for the KRAS-variant is quick and easy. And you only have to be tested once.

  1. Request your test. Once you create your profile, we’ll coordinate with you and/or your physician to obtain a sample.
  2. Take and return the test. By supplying a DNA sample we will be able to test you for the KRAS-variant.
  3. Get your results through a physician of your choice. Once we analyze your sample, your results will be communicated to you by your doctor or by a MiraDx physician, your choice.


Why take the test?

Getting tested for the KRAS-variant is a way for you and your doctor to develop the best stratagies for you to make decisions together about cancer prevention, estrogen management, or cancer treatment.  If you do test positive, we are here to work with you and your physician, and our sister non-profit, MiraKind, has ongoing studies and a patient community to continue to find the best, patient-centric answers.

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