The KRAS-variant is an inherited, genetic marker that predicts increased cancer risk as well as a unique response to cancer therapy. Knowing that an individual has the KRAS-variant can allow personalization of both cancer prevention as well as cancer treatment.

The KRAS-variant is:

  • An inherited genetic difference found in 6% of the general population, 10% of caucasians, and up to 30% of cancer patients.
  • A biomarker of risk for advanced endometriosis and infertility.
  • Associated with a lifetime risk of breast cancer of > 30%, supporting eligibility for higher-level screening.
  • A biomarker of risk for developing two or more cancers in the same individual — the KRAS-variant is found in up to 50% of people with three separate cancers, and predicts up to a 12 fold increased risk of multiple primary breast cancer.
  • The genetic explanation for cancer in up to 50% of Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer (HBOC) families who are negative for other known mutations.
  • A biomarker predicting response to cancer therapy, regardless of cancer type.
  • A biomarker predicting a baseline different immune system, resulting in a unique immunological response to cancer therapy.

For additional information about the KRAS-variant, please visit our sister non-profit, MiraKind.