The KRAS-variant is a recently discovered genetic marker that predicts increased cancer risk, and unique treatment response to common therapies for Ovarian, Colon, Head and Neck, and Non-Small Cell Lung (NSCLC) Cancers. The unique biology of the KRAS-variant shows great promise for dramatically improving outcomes across many disease states for individuals with this marker.

Personalized Medicine

The majority of cancer therapies are administered based on results of large, randomized clinical trials. Doctors direct treatment decisions based on the results of these studies, with little information about how a specific individual will respond. Knowing a patient’s unique genetic background affords doctors the opportunity to personalize cancer therapy and ultimately get better results.


Recent studies estimate up to 30 percent of endometriosis patients carry the KRAS-variant. In collaboration with thought leaders in endometriosis, we are investigating the association between the KRAS-variant and responses to endometriosis treatment regimes in order to define the optimal course of treatment for KRAS-variant endometriosis patients.

Cancer Prevention

The KRAS-variant predicts an up to six-fold increase in breast and ovarian cancer risk in certain women. Knowing a patient’s KRAS-variant status can help you direct strategies for prevention and a positive test result can qualify a patient for more frequent and higher-level screenings.

If you are a physician and want to learn more about the clinical applications of this genetic marker, or you are a patient and would like more information about testing please contact us. To order test kits for your practice, please click here.

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